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Are you wondering what a lash lift actually is?? Read the info below👇👇👇

A LASH LIFT is when we lift your natural lashes – so they stay in this lifted position for 4 + weeks.

❌ With eye lash extensions – we attach an artificial lash to one of your lashes, with a special long lasting glue.
✔ With a LASH LIFT – we lift your own lashes – NO extensions are added.


1.You lie down on a comfortable bed.
2. We place a small soft rubber shield over your eyelid.
3. Then well gently pull your lashes back over this shield, separate and straighten them (you don’t feel this).
4. We then place a cream onto your lashes, and this stays on them for 15 minutes. Then we remove that and apply another cream.
5. We then apply a dark tint – to make your lashes look super dark and this has a thickening effect as well.
6. Then we apply some nourishing serum to your lashes and do the big reveal!
Most clients fall asleep and wake up with amazing new lashes

4 + weeks


When you get a LASH LIFT with us – we allow 1 hour 15 mins for the full treatment. This is important as we pay special attention to ensure that every one of your lashes is placed in the CORRECT position and perfectly separated, in order to have perfectly straight, lifted (not wonky or criss crossed) lashes.
It is worth the time and effort as they will stay in this position for 4 + weeks.
(We have heard reports of other salons rushing the treatment, which results in a bad result).

If this is something you’d LOVE to get – message us now!

Patch test required 48 hours before
Not suitable when pregnant
Not suitable for Diabetics

July 2021 Lash Lift package:

Lash Lift + Eyebrow shape & tint 59 (instead on 97)
*Patch test required 48 hours before your treatment.

Who are Lash Lifts for?

If you answer YES to any of these questions, then a lash lift is for you!

Do you have straight lashes?

Do you wear mascara to make your lashes visible and enhance them?

Does your mascara smudge, and you would rather not have to wear it?

Do you use eye lash curlers to curl your lashes?

Do you have medium-long lashes, but they are straight, and you can’t see them?

Do you have thick lashes, but they are straight?

Would you love to wake up looking “done” and ready to go?

Are you going on holiday and want to look good the whole time, and not worry about any lash extensions falling out, or your mascara smudging in the heat/water?

Would you like to wake up feeling beautiful every day, without having to put on eye make up?

Maybe you can’t wear makeup or extensions because of work restrictions?

Do you feel your eyes look tired? They could use a pick me up?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions – a lash lift would be great for you!

This is an amazing treatment, where we curl your lashes up so that they look longer and thicker. The tips of your lashes are visible, and this gives a beautiful fullness to your lashes. As you can see in this pic, your eyes and face are transformed to look more beautiful – naturally.

And, they stay in this lifted position for up to 8 weeks. Clients love the look. They feel more beautiful and confident when they get a lash lift.

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