Find out why Hollywood Wax is our NUMBER 1 most requested treatment…

Hollywood Wax €55

Q: Why our clients LOVE our Hollywoods:

A: Experience & Speed. We have been Hollywood waxing for 10+ years. We use Speed waxing techniques so you have a fast and pain free experience. We hear this alot – “Oh is it over already? That was quick!”

Let’s face it – you want smooth skin, that will last for weeks – and you want it done fast.

  • We use a high quality Italian wax brand. The wax is a peelable hot wax, that is soft and gentle on the skin.
  • Your skin is treated with a soothing cleanser and pre wax oil before your treatment. This ensures a pain free, comfortable wax. Your skin is soft and subtle afterwards.
  • We maintain strict hygiene standards – we always wear gloves, and use dipsosable spatulas. We don’t double dip – (reuse the same spatula).

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our waxing services!


Why choose us?

-Our Number 1 most requested wax is The Hollywood (all gone from bikini). We do about 5 – 10 per day (per therapist). That’s A LOT of Hollywoods!

-Because we do so many waxes, we are super fast.

-Because we do so many waxes, we have developed laser sharp, hair detecting vision and can spot the smallest of hairs.

-You will be treated with one of the highest quality waxes on the market, with soothing pre & post oils to leave your skin supple and soft – not red and blotchy.

-You will get the most thorough wax – guaranteed.

-You get to listen to relaxing bird song while you are treated.

-You get a chocolate at the end

Our Waxing is even recommended by LovinDublin

Whats’s a Hollywood Wax?

A Hollywood wax is a bikini wax where all the hair is removed from “down under” – front, back and in between. A Brazilian wax is when a strip of hair is left at the front, and everything is gone from below.

Some women simply do not like having hair “down there.” They feel cleaner and sexier without it, and they love the silky softness of it.

If you’re among the fast-growing number of women that love a hair-free intimate area, but you’re concerned about privacy, professionalism, and hygiene, we’ve got terrific news!

Late Night Beauty Salon is highly regarded in all three of these areas, and more!

To start with, we use only the highest quality wax available on the market.

That means:

– It’s also perfect for sensitive skin.

– Does not adhere to your skin—only hair (Imagine the difference for you with discomfort!)

What’s more, we go to every length possible to keep your discomfort to a minimum. Even though our wax does not adhere to the skin, we still apply a pre-wax powder to further reduce irritation.

We never double dip our wax spatulas! And, of course, we wear disposable gloves. It is our on-going commitment to you and our therapists to protect your health from cross contamination.

Our staff have been trained to use a specific technique for waxing your intimate area. That means a faster, less painful way to get smooth results.

Got more questions for us on Brazilians/Hollywoods? We’d love to hear them!

Women are often curious about what it’s really like to get a Hollywood. Is it really as bad as it seems? That’s all a matter of perspective.

Hollywoods appeal to women that:

– Want smoothness without the worry of stray hair peaking out

– Want silky, soft skin in the most intimate area of the body

– Want to experience increased sensitivity and heightened sexual pleasure

During your appointment, you’ll need to disrobe from the waist down. We ask you to cleanse the area with a baby wipe, pop on a disposable g-string (if you like), and relax back on the bed with a large paper towel over your lap.

You may feel a little self-conscious at first; it’s certainly understandable. While you’re obsessing over exposing your body and what it looks like, your therapist is obsessing over cleanliness and meeting your expectations.

Remember, she does this over and over in the course of a day. Her focus is to get you waxed as quickly and as comfortably as possible, adhering to our strict hygienic standards.

Although Hollywoods can be uncomfortable, we help the desensitizing process by using a wax specifically designed for the area. And we take care to soothe the area afterwards.

Because we are so well-trained, experienced, and use SPEED WAXING techniques it usually only takes about 30 minutes to get a Hollywood with us. That’s minimal time of discomfort, maximum time to enjoy the beautiful, smooth results.

Waxing Success Tip Sheet

To ensure that your waxing experience is topnotch with minimal to no side effects, we recommend the following:

  1. Protect your waxed skin from direct sunlight for at least 24 hours immediately after waxing.
  1. If you’ve gotten a Brazilian/Hollywood, do NOT wear tight clothes immediately after the wax. This can cause a skin rash or unnecessary pain.
  1. Do not exercise (anything that will make you sweat) for 12- 24 hours.
  1. If you are taking any vitamin A products like isoretinoin, Retin A, Accutane, Differin, etc. for acne or any other medical condition, do not get waxed! The skin is very prone to tearing.
  1. The hair should be at least the length of a grain of rice.
  1. Use an ingrown hair prevention product between waxes – we recommend Folisan Solution.
  1. Return in 4 weeks to stay super smooth.

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